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I like my girls like I like my porn deals: big, plentiful, and good at making me blow my load. If you feel the same way then you won’t want to miss out on this list of BBW-inspired porn deals over at Tommy’s Bookmarks. You’ll be drowning in so many curves that you might get lost in there. I’d say there are worse places to lose yourself than between some huge jugs and ass cheeks.

Some of my personal favorite BBW sites are represented here, including XL Girls, Chubby Loving, Jeffs Models, Scoreland, and many others. They all have a lot in-common like gorgeous models and top-tier hardcore action. If you like to save money and jerk off to great BBW porn at the same time then you’ll definitely want to check out this list of discounts.

More Tits, More Scoreland

I have been a fan of Scoreland for a long time, even since before they contracted Big Tits Hitomi (Hitomi Tanaka), which was it near instantly became even more popular than it had already been.

I mean, this really is the cream of the crop site of big tits porn. Actually I should say network perhaps, because they have multiple sites, but I think the network is known as the Score Group. That’s not important though.

I had not noticed that they had created this site Scoreland2 though and I couldn’t figure out what was different about it at a glance. It looked like it was just more big tits porn, which is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t understand why.

And honestly I’m not sure I do but I can tell you that it is great nonetheless.

From what I have gathered they have decided to create this site as a type of “best of Scoreland” showcase but I can’t tell you if that’s an absolute fact or if there’s more to it.

What I can do is is point out this 67% off discount link for Scoreland2 if you’re interested.

Cock Hungry Hos You’ll Love

I’m so glad that society finally started giving big girls the love and respect they deserve. If you ask me, they’re way sexier than any stick figure chick that doesn’t have any curves at all. When you fuck a skinny chick it feels like sticks rubbing together. There’s nothing worse than really thrusting into a chick and you bang right into a hip bone, or her ass bones cut into you and keep you from really going at the pussy like you want to. 

If you agree with me, then you’ll want to take advantage of this Pure BBW discount for up to 73% in savings. The ladies you find on this roster are absolutely gorgeous and have sex drives as large as their appetites. They’re hungry for cock and will stop at nothing to get their fill. You’ll get to watch them devour rock hard dicks like it’s going to be their last meals and cum so hard it looks like they’re leaking cream filling. The action is hardcore and intense and you don’t want to miss a single delicious detail.

She’s Young But She Fucks

Hurry and grab this instant discount for 51% off Nubiles.net. It’s true that some deals are just head and shoulders above the rest. Whenever you can save big on Nubiles, you take the deal. Period.

I got divorced last year. I had been married to the same woman for the last 20 years. I’ve never even had sex with anyone else. Being on my own for the first time, I found myself in the dating pool and not really sure what to do, or who I wanted to pursue. So, I tried a dating app and started flirting with some college girl. Before I knew it, she was at my place and on her knees sucking my cock. I knew from that moment on that barely-legal teen pussy was my new calling in life.

Whether you’ve fucked a college girl or not, you know nothing can compete with those tight fuck-holes. That’s why you need a membership for Nubiles.net. It’s the best teen porn on the internet with over a dozen sites, thousands of HD videos, and the sexiest girls anywhere. Sign up!

Get a Chub for Chubbies

I don’t know what it is about curvy chicks, but they have just always done it for me. Some of my buddies always called me a chubby chaser like it was some kind of insult. Shit, you want to point out that I like hot bitches, while you like fucking twigs? Weird flex, but ok.

The only problem I have is that it’s hard to find a site that really gives you the curvy babes that I find most attractive. I have nothing against big beautiful plumpers, but I tend to prefer babes who have curves in the right places but aren’t three times my size. And so many sites when you are looking for curvy chicks end up just giving you skinny girls with big fake tits or a plastic Kardashianesque ass.

When I came across the opportunity to save 45% with this discount to Chubby Girls, I knew I had finally found the site that my boner had always dreamed of. Finally, a place where curvy teens with real bodies are getting naughty in a wide variety of hot xxx videos!

Big Ass Porn

There’s a reason so many songs are dedicated to a woman’s ass. Ladies with big round asses can get anything they want from me. I don’t care how attractive a chick is, if she doesn’t have anything on the backside, I’m passing. When I found out I could grab a discount of 66% off Thickumz, you can bet your sweet ass I signed up.

You won’t find a sexier roster anywhere. Sexy babes such as Katrina Jade, Alex Coal, Vanessa Cage, Mandy Muse, Brandi Bae, Kenzie Madison, Stella Rae, Nikki Delanno, Daisy Stone, Jenna Foxx, Maria Jade, Gina Valentina, Demi Sutra, Abella Danger, Aria Lee, and Luna Star are just a few of the sensational hotties you’ll find here. Watch as they bounce and squeeze their asses to drive you wild. They’ll turn around and bend over and give you up-close shots of their best sides. This is a hardcore site that brings all kinds of wild fantasies to life. Outdoor sex, public, sex, anal, sex, and much more are all on display here.


Fuck a bbw stunner and never look back!

When the moment calls for it and the chance is there for the taking, why do so many men fail to reach out and grab it? It was something that believe it or not I used to have happen to me as well. I was once that shallow man that for some reason would pass up on bbw sex all the time just because I didn’t have a thing for chubby girls.

That all changed for me when I was lucky enough to watch bbw porn here. It showed me just how wicked looking bbw sex actually is and in turn that changed my entire outlook on the matter.

These days I get balls deep in as much bbw pussy as my cock can handle and it is having so much fun. There are even times when I need to visit Xhamster simply because my passion for bbw sex needs as much of it as I can get. I think many of you know exactly how that feels and it must be the reason why we’re always on the lookout for more. That’s how I like to look at things and so far it seems to be working out nicely!

All That Juicy Ass

Big butts are a large part of my attraction to BBW porn. Scrawny girls never seem to have enough junk in the trunk for my liking. When I’ve got a girl bent over in front of me, I like to have that view take up the space. I don’t want to be narrowing my vision on a toothpick. I want luscious ass to grab and I want to see some jiggle when I slam myself in. Porn is more satisfying when it shows me all that.

For those reasons, when I saw that I could save $20 now with a Bootylicious Mag discount, I knew I had to get in on the deal.

The models aren’t all BBWs. Some of them are just mighty thicc, and that is fine by me too. So long as they have big curves in the right places, I am game. These chicks all have ass to spare whether they are black, white, Latina, or whatever. It’s a juicy booty paradise and buying a membership is having a ticket to visit any time you want.

Black girls love their hardcore bbw fuck sessions

This is going to be your lucky day for so many reasons. For one I have a large black girl that really does love having white men over for breakfast. She will eat you up and spit you out in so many different ways, you might think there is a chance to tame her but in reality, you’re always going to be her bitch.

That’s what most of us already expect. We know when it comes to Black BBW Porn you should never expect to get off easily. These chubby babes will make you work for every inch of it and that isn’t a bad thing. Knowing that you have to put the work in for that bbw pussy is just the icing on the cake.

You will need every ounce of your sanity if you think you’re going to be able to give that hot black pussy what it needs. You might think that cock of your is up for the challenge but are you sure it is ready to go balls deep? I guess the only real way to find out is to take a stab in the dark and go for it, and for that, I wish you all the luck in the world!

Big Porn List Knows Big Beauties

It’s no secret that I am more than a little familiar with where to find the hottest BBW porn online. I take pride in that. Big girls are the best and my days are not complete without having taken a long hard look and jerk to some hardcore fatty action.

However, I know a lot of guys don’t have all the bookmarks I do and don’t have the time to spend constantly looking new sites up and risking sketchy content ending up on their computers. This blog is here to help with that, of course. But if you want to go straight to a site that lists sites with full reviews of them and a break down of their pros and cons, then Big Porn List is the place to go.

Their porn list of BBW sites is comprehensive and often gives you substantial discounts on memberships when you join through their links. It isn’t a BBW specific site either, so if you like a variety of types, they can help you find whatever sort of porn you want to suit your cravings.

Score Some Fat Titties

What is the hottest part of a BBW? If you ask me, the answer is the titties. I don’t care if a bitch is a size 6 or a size 16, for me it’s all about the boobs. It didn’t take me long to realize that the babes with the biggest tits are the ones with the extra meat on their bones, and I will never kick a girl out of bed with a nice rack!

With this 56% off discount offer to Scoreland.com, you are going to get a big boob wonderland of hot and curvy babes who are all more than blessed in the bra! You will love the expansive collection of hot and horny babes who love pulling those massive juggs out and making them the center of your attention.

Each scene is crafted for the boob lover in us all. There are girls of all different shapes, sizes, legal ages, and ethnicities, but what they all have in common is their massive tits! Enjoy full HD quality exclusive videos that put those sweater stretchers on display to make your dick drool!


3D sex games that let you decide the action!

I feel a little silly for admitting this but I feel like I need to just let it out. I was so happy to finally find a 3d sex game that worked I played it for like 5 hours straight. I loved everything about it, from the customization to the full scenes that immersed you in the 3D sex, it was very well done and that’s important when you want to play sex games online.

The variety of girls was excellent as well. BBW lovers are well looked after and so are guys that prefer different sized girls. the scenes are played out nicely and once the stage is set there is nothing stopping you from taking full control and becoming the most powerful Narco player of all time.

That choice is in your hands and should you choose to soar to the top be ready for all the sex that comes with it. Narcos XXX is more than just a game, it’s a life and one that you can become part of. Get playing now and in no time at all rise to the top and dominate as ruthlessly as you desire or just play casual and enjoy the fun!

The Pillowy Heaven Of Porn

When I want to watch the hottest hardcore porn, I always go to My XXX Paradise. This mega-site serves up all kinds of intense action that you won’t find anywhere else. Right now you can save up to 52% with a My XXX Paradise discount. This is a deal you won’t want to pass up. With so many categories and niches covered this will be the only membership you need.

There are plenty of solo masturbation scenes that are sure to get you rock hard and ready to go. The girl on girl action will have your palms sweating and heart racing. By the time you get to the hardcore fucking, you’ll be struggling not to blow your load. Between the threesomes, BDSM, and toy and fetish play, you’re sure to drain your balls. Your membership will unlock full access to 10 of the sexiest sites available online. When you’re looking for a wide variety of porn, but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is where you’re going to find a little bit of everything.


Curvy Cuties Waiting For You

If you’re an avid viewer of porn, then you’re very well aware of just how much time can be wasted surfing the net trying to find the good quality stuff. That’s why I recommend making Porn Portal your first stop. They do all the hard work of sifting through all the low quality, garbage porn that’s out there and finding the best material and then placing the links in one easy to navigate site.

For example, when I want to watch BBW sex videos in HD, I’d go to Port Portal first and right there under BBW they have 46 of the hottest HD videos I’ve ever seen. With crystal clear quality viewers get all the best shots of the hardcore action — babes with just the right amount of curves to get me going.

There are 50+ categories to choose from, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. I suggest you check out all the options. You never know when you might come across something new that piques your interest.


They’ll Make Your Pecker Plumper

If you’re looking for the absolute best in big girl porn, then you’re in the right place. This site features only the hottest bigger babes with absolutely massive sexual appetites. These gorgeous girls know they have a lot of curves and they know just how to seduce you with them. Some of these girls have just a few extra pounds of fluff on them, while others are completely blown up and ready to have plus size fun.

If you’re a fan of BBW porn discounts, you’ll definitely want to check out this massive discount to Just Plump, and see what you’ve been missing out on. You won’t find steamier action that’s sure to have you rock hard right away, anywhere else. More cushion for the pushing gives the viewer an experience like no other. No matter how large and in charge you like your ladies to be, you’re sure to find the dream girl that will make your pecker plumper right here.